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Basics with PackHill

What is PackHill?

PackHill is an indian Getaway for Digital Nomads across the globe. We help you explore India with a unique eye while you focus on your work.

What PackHill does and How?

We slow-travel India together as a group of 10-15 people while we work online. Starting from Kochi, Kerala we will be arranging many getaways in different cities of India and we invite digital nomads/Entrepreneurs to join us. Each member goes through an application process, and once accepted, he/she can join us in the getaway. We find quality accommodation in an exciting city. From there, we (co)work and (co)live together for the next 3 weeks. Meet exciting people and interact with local startup community, and explore new things in life.

India is so Big, which all places are you available?

Like you, we are also Location Independent. We are starting from one city and will be moving on to others one by one. Many people try to cram too much into a visit to India. To get the best out of our trip, we will focus on a specific region rather than trying to tick off as many as possible. We recommend spending a few weeks one of the regions and you'll be less stressed, gain a deeper understanding of where you are and have more time to get to know the people you meet.

Who all can join packhill?

We invite all the people with any kind of remote job. If you have a job that can be done without a fixed desk, you are welcome. Anyone without a job is not encouraged to join as there would be group activities based on work and a lot of the time would be consumed in getting the work done. But there is no hard and fast rule for anything. Apply for the programme and we will try to figure out a way to make it work for you.

what will be the work/life balance be like during the visit?

We work hard during the week so we can relax and go on adventurous getaways over the weekend. Many of our activities will be group-driven (like - yoga, jungle safaris, adventurous outings, theatre, get to-gathers). There are also a lot of activities which can be done individually (with in the city), so you can take a break from work and do one of those while others finish their work. We will wander around the city during weekdays and go on longer getaways on the weekend.

About the Getaway

What is a Getaway Program?

We are going to travel through most of the regions of the country and each gateway would be based around a city central to that region. Every city is unique with a unique taste. We will live in every city for around a month. Explore local culture, have outings and mingle with the locals in fun activities. Our motive is to keep you in a city from where you can soak in the culture and dwell in the lifetime experience India has to offer.

Tell me more about the City Program and whats included?

We will pick you up from the airport and get you comfortably settled in the space booked for you with all the amenities to start with. This place would be maximized to offer you a great place to work from as well as centered to maximize the things you can do when you are not working. A city program will be designed in a way that you can get the city fun during weekdays and travel to exciting weekend getaways around the city for a day or two.

what will be the accommodation stay be like?

We will be getting a whole hotel/Airbnb booked for the complete stay. There will be around 10-15 rooms available at the hotel/stay. As per your package, you will be assigned one Private/Semi-private room with attached bathroom and other amenities. If you have any lodging preferences or special needs, we’ll do our best to prioritize those requests.

What is the procedure to join a city getaway?

You apply through this page: . After this, we connect through Skype or other Social Media channels. After confirming the details you need to pay $500 (refundable) to secure your spot. 30 days prior to the trip your full fees would be charged and then you are ready to join us on the amazing journey. We will be with you at every step before the getaway starts.

Helping with amenities 

What about the Internet, I have heard things about it?

We have a High-Speed Internet arrangement at the stay (minimum 30Mbps). We take care of everything that will help you stay online 24/7. Depending upon the City, either we arrange an In-house Coworking or we get access to the nearest Coworking space of the stay. Even if we are away for a weekend, we will make sure you are connected.

What is a Welcome Kit?

A Welcome Kit is a bag of things which everyone needs after getting into India. Some essentials basically. Things like: Local power adapter, local guides, SIM card with Data, travel pad, help with currency change etc. You can manage the most with the help of these things.

How to manage transport and transfers?

India is a vast country. There are many modes of transports available (mostly commonly bus/train). There would be a pickup/drop from the airport to the stay. For all the getaways and tours, we will have pre-arrangement vehicles and guides available with us. If you wish to transfer or travel to any other city there after, we would be glad to help you with every detail.

What should I pack and bring?

Packing is the most boring job to do on a trip. That's why we recommend you to only pack essentials. Starting from your daily need items to your clothes along with your important gadgets, pack accordingly. The hotel with which are gonna stay will be providing us with all the basic amenities(Towels/toiletries/sheets and much more). Along with that, you will get a Welcome Kit from PackHill to make your life easier.

Budgeting and visa 

What is included in the packhill price package?

The Package is fairly simple and basic. For per person it will include:

  • One Private/Semi-Private room in a beautiful Hotel/Airbnb
  • Breakfast available daily at In-House restaurant
  • Space to work with High-speed Internet
  • 4G Sim with basic amenities(Welcome Kit)
  • Free airport pickup/drop and city tour support
  • Some pre-arranged group activities and get-togethers.

What is not included in the Packhill price package?

Not included would be a small list. Apart from the basics, there are many things that you need on a trip. There would be many group trips/getaways conducted during the stay, and many of them will be conducted after pooling the expense. Lunch/Dinner is not included in the package so that everyone can explore the city culture and amazing food, we might also have an in-house restaurant at the stay. Along with this, any personal purchase has to be paid by you(like shopping/entertainment and side trips).

What would be the total budget for the whole trip?

The total budget of the trip would really depend on your personal budget and preferences. Outside of the getaway fee, you are most likely to spend on things like meals, entertainment, shopping and side trips. You can typically spend anywhere between $7,00-$1,000 USD per month outside of getaway costs–some more, some less.

Is it cheaper if I travel with a friend or in a group?

Yes definitely. It will lower the cost by $500 for each. There are many more benefit in coming double or in a group as there would be lots of activities based on group or a couple.

What about Visas?

Over 161 nationalities can obtain a 30-day e-Tourist visa/Visa on Arrival, applying online prior to arrival; this is valid from the day you arrive. For longer trips, you'll need to obtain a six-month tourist visa, valid from the date of issue, not the date of arrival in India. All you need to do is to apply on and follow the instructions.

Can you give some details of flights to India?

Flights to India are pretty common from all the big countries. If you have any specific questions, do reach out to us. You can check out .


Do you provide a remote job?

Unforuntalty, we do not provide remote jobs. We are a nomad getaway, helping you travel in India while you work remotely. You can check out the link below to search new and exciting remote jobs:

Do I need to have travel and health insurance?

Everyone is recommended to have an insurance both travel and health, once you are traveling to another country especially for more than 2 weeks. There are many options online to go through. If you need any help regarding this, do ping us. We would be happy to help.

What if I need to cancel the trip?

We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel the trip as you want. It would be great if you let us know prior to the trip. Your deposit and fees are refundable after deducting basic charges. Refer to our Terms & Condition page for more info :

How do I shift from 9-5 job to a remote career?

Isn't this what everyone is looking for. Find your passion/hobby/skill you are best at and learn ways to convert to online. And you have yourself an exciting remote career, travel the world and explore new inner self.

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