Kerala is called god's own country and rightly so. It has a 600km coast dotted by some of the most pristine beaches. Kerala is one of the few laid back places in India far from the frenzy that India is known for. It has a network of backwaters which can be explored by houseboats. Kerala is also famous for being a mediation center and home to the ancient ayurvedic treatments. Kerala is home to a lot of wildlife. Elephants can be found almost everywhere and if you are lucky enough, you might spot a tiger too. Kerala has been the spice capital of the world for ages and you can enjoy a walk through one of the plantations, or go on a tea tasting ceremony at one of the numerous plantations. There are theaters and dances and numerous festivals marking the calendar all year long.

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Kochi is one of the biggest cities in Kerala. For our stay in Kerala, we would be staying in the historic town of Fort Kochi, which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city with all the amenerties that you would need. The best time to visit Kochi is between September to Januray every year. Kochi earlier comprised ErnakulamFort Kochi and Mattancherry  Palace but now refers to the sprawling urbanization. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry palace remain wonderfully serene, steeped with sepia-tinted memories of past glory and heritage.



Fort Kochi has many beautiful Colonial Hotel stays. We have opted for one of them along with all the facilities. The stay will have approx. 12-15 rooms (Both private and double). They come equipped with plenty of space for work and play. Along side with an amazing restaurant and swimming pool for a quick dip.  
Our stay would be located just around the corner within Fort Kochi city limits surrounded by water.

The nearest Co-working Space is 13Kms far, for this we are arranging an in-house Coworking Space, the whole place would be netted with Wifi and common spaces, and lots of open space in the garden to catch some sun. We will have meetups and interaction sessions with local startup community. 

Mornings will start with a few lessons in Yoga and Mediation, to make your day more productive. We will have cookery classes in our little garden, lots of get-together and parties at the stay. Each weekend we will go on a getaway trip to the most famous spots around kochi, and spend a day or two.  



CRUISE through allepy boathouse

Welcome to the backwaters of Kerala. Mirror still lagoons, picture book lakesides, palm fringed canals, shores bustling with glimpses from day to day life in the country side.
We will spend a whole day in the lap of nature. Every houseboat is manned by a crew of 3 men, usually a cook, guide and oarsman. 


EXPLORE the city on bicycle

Bicycle your way through God's Own Route and lay in the lap of the backwaters and blue lagoons, surrounded by evergreen mountains and abundant wildlife, in an eternal enchanting Kerala safari. And all this while our road bike tours give you an experience like an insider to this paradise on earth.



The wildlife species in Periyar compromises of a healthy mix of fauna and avi-fauna. To make your experiences even wilder, we will plan our stay at one of the jungle lodges and resorts. 


Essence-munnar teagarden 

The enchanting tea gardens of Munnar, basking in the early morning sunshine, while an elderly lady gets ready to pluck fresh leaves, the very fragrance of which itself is invigorating.

Feel the classical - kathak

Kathakali in Kerala is a traditional dance which tells stories from the Indian epics
Popular performances in a dedicated theatre by graduates of the renowned Kerala Kalamandalam. We usually get to see three characters, and the music is live


Soak into AYURVEDA and meditation   

Discover the healing secrets of ancient Ayurveda. The are many forms of right treatment for your body type to help you invigorate and restore your natural balance. Many places offer relaxing and enjoying massages. 



Getaway Trip Duration : 3 WEEKS
Prices start from (All our prices are in USD):

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What Included in the Price?

  • 3 Week Stay at a Colonial Hotel
  • Swimming pool
  • Private room with basics - Towels, sheets and toiletries
  • Breakfast Included. The hotel has a great In-house restaurant serving delicious food all day long
  • High Speed Internet in the community area and hotel rooms
  • Welcome Kit for the trip
  • 4G SIM with data
  • Free Airport Pick Up/Drop

Trip Info & Essentials

  • A deposit of $500 and it secures your spot on the trip
  • You have to book your own flight to and from Kochi airport (We will provide assistance with this)
  • We will pick you up from Kochi airport and drop back to the airport at the end of the trip
  • The remaining amount has to be paid within
    15 days prior to the trip
  • All participants will be invited to an closed group to coordinate all the activities in Kerala